stress and anxiety

Stress is a natural part of life, but if we stay well and balanced, our minds and bodies should be able to shrug it off easily. The problem is that the pressures, demands and expectations of leadership roles can quickly push us out of balance and into a place of overwhelm.

50% of long-term absences are attributed to stress-related conditions, which results not only in a lack of productivity but a substantial cost to the employer.

According to Bupa Global, a staggering 64% of senior business leaders have suffered from mental health conditions.  Alarmingly, Bupa note that leaders are unlikely to seek help or admit to having problems due to both the taboo around mental health issues and the implication that this will reflect poorly on their leadership capabilities.

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.
Khalil Gibran

stress and anxiety

Although the taboos around mental health issues are lifting, leaders continue to be reticent about seeking help. The American Heart Association’s CEO Roundtable survey showed that although 75%-80% of mid-sized companies, and 97% of large companies offer Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) only a tiny percentage of people, less than 7%, actually use them. Concerns about confidentiality are a common factor – although EAP services are entirely confidential there is always that niggling concern in the middle of the night – (what if the computer system is hacked and everyone finds out about me, or my case notes get stolen?)  perceived stigma is also another issue preventing leaders from receiving the help that they desperately need.

stress and anxiety

Snowstar Consulting has been helping people heal from stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and panic attacks for nearly two decades. Our services are entirely confidential. Even if your employer funds your sessions, absolutely no information will get back to your employer. They are made aware of this before your sessions are arranged.  Additionally, we have the added bonus that we can work together on the telephone, giving you a higher degree of anonymity, or if security and confidentiality are a huge concern for you, because we tune into you energetically, you can provide a false name, use a nickname or just use your first name. Please don’t let confidentiality worries get in the way of getting the help that you need.

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