Why ‘Snowstar?’


Many people ask where the name ‘Snowstar Consulting’ came from.

As you will note from the ‘About Me’ page, I am a shaman of the Andean Tradition of Peru. I was called to the shamanic path and initiated in 2004 by the Holy Mountain (or ‘Apu’) Machu Picchu. It is from this mountain that I receive much of the power needed to carry out my work with clients.

Within the Andean lineage, there are two types of shaman. A Pampamesayok, is a shaman who works with nature, herbs and plant medicine, such as the psychotropic teacher plant Ayahuasca. More rarely found within the lineage are ‘Altomesayoks,’ who work with the Apu’s, higher-level spirits and Ascended Masters, such as Jesus.

Therefore, as an Altomesayok I am indebted to the Apu’s – the Holy Mountains of Peru. When thinking of a name for my leadership development consultancy I wanted to honour them in some way. Whilst pondering over suitable names, an image came into my mind of the Apu Q’olloriti. (Pronounced ‘Ko-your-Ree-tee).

Q’olloriti is perhaps the most important mountain in the Incan cosmology as it is said to be directly linked to the Pleiades. The Inca believed mankind first fell from this constellation – the stars – into Lake Titicaca and thus came to inhabit the earth.

Q’olloriti means ‘Snow Star,’ in the Quechua language and the mountain is known in Peru by this nickname. I think Snow Star is a beautiful name so decided I decided to use it for my consultancy. And of course, Snowstar is a lot easier to pronounce than Q’olloriti!

For centuries the ‘Festival de Q’olloriti’ has been attended by over 70,000 pilgrims from throughout the Tawantinsuyu – the original four divisions of the Inca Empire. These pilgrims dance to honour the spirit of the mountain and to celebrate its great connection to the stars. Pilgrims walk to the Sinakara Glacier at 16,000 feet and wait the for the Pleiades to reappear in the sky. As soon as the familiar cluster of seven stars is seen, the festivities begin.

The return of the Pleiades is seen as an omen of fertility and abundance as well as a representation of the transition from the Old World to the New World – which of course we are seeing very strongly in the current times as the Old World breaks down to make room for the New. Hence this is an incredibly important time for people to address and heal their old wounds. Additionally, in order to survive this transition – which is happening right now – it is imperative that corporations become willing to let go of the old, masculine ways of doing business, which have historically been focused on the short-term making of profit at all cost. Instead there is a need to align with the feminine energies – as the New World is all about the resurgence of the more feminine, nurturing energies – and instead focus on the creation of sustainable businesses that are aligned with people and planet, as well as profit. Only these businesses will thrive in the New World. In order to thrive, these organisations need enlightened, happy and whole leaders. Snowstar Consulting can help to create those leaders, for the benefit of all.