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Snowstar Consulting believes your success is our success. We are passionate about helping to create businesses that shine.

Please find a few of our testimonials below.

The Right Claim

I recently approached Dawn to assist and advise me on setting up a non-profit organisation. Dawn took the time to illicit exactly what the intent was behind my venture and resources needed. Having done so Dawn identified aspects of the venture I hadn’t even considered, including the opportunity to ethically monetise the training and certification of my concept. She was also able to instantly visualise and communicate to me a strategy to deliver my idea.

I would have no hesitation in working with Dawn and recommending her to those that need support & even direction with their business.

Joel Zimmelstern, The Right Claim
US Airtours

Despite being a well-established company, we needed to evolve and make sure that our products and services continued to meet the needs of our customers. We decided to enlist the help of a management consultancy to give us an independent assessment and were recommended to talk to Snowstar Consulting. From the very start, I found them to be approachable, intuitive and they worked with us collaboratively to identify new opportunities and updated our strategic plan for the future. Snowstar brought a fresh perspective and helped implement a number of initiatives that resulted in a significant improvement to the bottom line.

Guy Novik, Founder and CEO, US Airtours
New Indigo Ventures

Dawn’s invaluable expertise has helped me gain the clarity to understand who I am and to change and heal the detrimental core beliefs that once paralyzed me in my life and work. Her sensitive guidance has provided me the fundamental skills and strength to transform those negative blocks into fulfilling my true inner passion in a concrete and tangible way that I use every day in my business. Without her knowledge and strategies, I would still be imagining the life of my dreams versus actually living and leading a content life that I was meant to fulfill.My transformation could not have happened is she wasn’t there to show me

My transformation could not have happened is she wasn’t there to show me truth from fiction.

Ines Eisses, Executive Producer, New Indigo Ventures
LBD Global

LBS undertook an analysis of its position in the marketplace to help reduce risk and seasonality and achieve long-term sustainability. We engaged Snowstar and thus Dawn Paul to do a competitor analysis and business development report for us so that our organisation could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. Dawn’s A++ research challenged our thinking and helped us see certain things from a different perspective. From a 3rd party point of view, Dawn was able to say things as she saw them without the interference of company politics. The value in such analysis prevents any cognitive bias but also informs decision-making that is factually based.

Dawn was incredibly easy to work with. She provided a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the marketplace and our place within it and also suggested many ideas for improvement to help us to achieve our goals. We continue to work with Snowstar Consulting, and Dawn.

We can wholeheartedly recommend her services and are excited about putting her ideas into practice.

Jonathan Plant, General Manager, LBS Global
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