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What is Strategic Execution?

Strategic execution is the process of fully embedding a strategic development plan into an organisation by taking various actions to bring all levels of the organisation into alignment with its strategic plan in order that it can achieve its goals and objectives.

Strategic Execution is key to achieving strategic goals

A good strategic development plan can be a wonder to behold – an encapsulation of organisational purpose, vision, goals and direction. However, a sad fate awaits most strategic plans – in the hustle, bustle that goes into keeping the organisational ship afloat, strategic plans can either become relegated to a desk drawer or they are ineffectively executed. And no matter how good a strategic plan is, if it is not executed properly the organisation will not benefit fully from it. In fact, a poor strategic plan well executed is more beneficial to an organisation than an excellent strategic plan poorly executed!

Strategic Execution is not just about communication

Many executives believe that strategic execution is purely about communication, but it is not. While communication is, of course, a factor in strategic execution it is insufficient in itself to bring about strategic change.  For example – let’s say a man is overweight and he decides to diet and exercise with the long-term goal of creating a sculpted physique. In short, he creates a strategic plan to achieve his goals. He may communicate this plan to his friends and family – but this alone will not help him to achieve his goals. Neither will be joining a gym or employing a life coach!  In order to help ensure that he reaches his goals, he will have to take ACTION!

  • He will have to physically attend the gym regularly, not just join up
  • He may need to educate himself on diet and nutrition
  • He will need to find people who are authorities in diet and exercise to help guide him.
  • He will need the willingness, commitment, and courage to come out of his current comfort zone and be willing to be uncomfortable for a while
  • He will have to invest in himself and budget accordingly for a gym membership, coaches, nutritional supplements and training gear etc.
  • He will need to create a support system around him to help keep him on track.
  • He will need significant determination, focus, and discipline
  • He will have to make a hundred tiny changes each day (i.e. take the stairs not the elevator) which means he will have to change his norms of behaviour
  • He will need to be psychologically ready for his transformation
  • He will need to be motivated and emotionally invested in the change
  • He will need to collect data on his progress and be willing to adjust his diet and exercise programme where necessary
  • He will need to communicate his goals to his friends and family
  • He will have to completely embed his new healthy habits into his lifestyle over the long term

If our man decides on his strategic plan for losing weight AND he takes the above actions, then there is a very good chance he will reap the rewards of his efforts and achieve his personal goals. Similarly, the above factors of action, learning, budgeting, identification of key personnel, willingness, commitment, focus, determination, discipline, psychological readiness, emotional investment and communication are also key factors in effective strategic execution for organisations. Of course, this is a highly simplified example and there are many other actions that need to be taken in order to execute corporate strategy, but hopefully the above example creates an understanding of the importance of strategic execution and how it can be implemented to bring about the desired change within an organisation.

How Snowstar Consulting can help your organisation with Strategic Execution?

Snowstar Consulting is passionate about assisting organisations to create relevant and realistic strategic development plans in line with organisational culture, values, aims and objectives. However, as in the example above, we recognise that the creation of these plans alone will not help your organisation to fully achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Therefore we offer our strategic execution services to fully embed and align your strategic development plan into your organisation.

Please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 115 928 6273, or complete the contact form and let us know how we can assist your organisation in achieving long term sustainability.

LBD Global

LBS undertook an analysis of its position in the marketplace to help reduce risk and seasonality and achieve long-term sustainability. We engaged Snowstar and thus Dawn Paul to do a competitor analysis and business development report for us so that our organisation could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. Dawn’s A++ research challenged our thinking and helped us see certain things from a different perspective. From a 3rd party point of view, Dawn was able to say things as she saw them without the interference of company politics. The value in such analysis prevents any cognitive bias but also informs decision-making that is factually based.

Dawn was incredibly easy to work with. She provided a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the marketplace and our place within it and also suggested many ideas for improvement to help us to achieve our goals. We continue to work with Snowstar Consulting, and Dawn.

We can wholeheartedly recommend her services and are excited about putting her ideas into practice.

Jonathan Plant, General Manager, LBS Global

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.

Michael Porter