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What is Strategic Development?

Strategic Development in its simplest form is the creation of a long-term plan that an organisation puts into action in order to achieve its goals, to aid in decision making and align its employees. The strategic plan focuses on answering four main questions, namely;

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How do we get there?
  4. How will we track our progress in order to ensure we achieve our objectives?

Rather like a ship without a captain, an organisation without a strong, effective and working strategic plan can soon be buffeted by the winds and the elements, arriving in waters it never intended to be in. A strategic plan therefore acts like a navigation chart and helps an organisation not only determine its chosen destination, but to act like the stars, guiding each step of the course along the way. Of course, while the final destination can be decided upon, the captain is aware that the future cannot be fully known and the unexpected can happen along the way. Therefore as Professor Henry Mintzberg recognises, much of strategy is emergent, directly arising through necessity from response to unexpected events, however, while the route may be circuitous rather than a straight line, deciding upon the destination at the beginning of the journey helps to ensure your ship arrives safely, where you want it to.

What are the benefits of using Snowstar Consulting’s Strategic Development Service?

Snowstar Consulting act as thought partners to organisations, providing inspiration, and fresh insight, asking thought provoking questions to promote deep thinking and reflection and facilitating and supportively enabling the organisation to decide upon its own strategic direction. Once a direction has been ascertained, Snowstar Consulting can assist your organisation to create a working strategic plan. We say a ‘working’ plan, because the plan needs to actively work for and benefit your organisation. Putting it more simply, a captain of a ship does not decide upon a destination and then stow the navigation chart away in a dusty drawer never to be seen again! Instead he refers to his chart daily, to constantly ensure his ship remains on course. A strategic plan needs to be used similarly – to keep the organisation and everyone within it working towards the same goals and objectives.

A strategic plan once created not only helps to align employees with organisational purpose and provide motivation, but also assists in executive decision-making and the creation of a long-term resilient and sustainable business. Seeking external assistance with strategic development allows your organisation to be viewed through a fresh pair of eyes, free from the constraints of any organisational beliefs or ingrained habits.

Additionally, Snowstar Consulting recognises that many executives today are faced with the problem of having to do much more in less time in an atmosphere of ever increasing pressure and uncertainty. Dealing with incessant emails, meetings and the putting out of fires can distract an executive from focusing on the strategic direction of the organisation and from steering it in the right direction. Employing Snowstar Consulting to assist with strategic development helps to provide the necessary space for busy executives to fully focus, reflect and concentrate on strategic direction of the organisation while being fully supported and guided through the process.

Contact us now and let us assist you to create a strategic plan that will help you to deal with the roughest of seas.

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Sun Tzu