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//Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001
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What is a Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System (QMS) is essentially a formalised set of policies, processes and procedures that focus the organisation on consistently and effectively meeting its customer requirements. It sets out how the company aims to meet and even exceed its customer’s expectations and also takes other affected stakeholders into account. A QMS details organisational responsibilities and objectives and specifies how the organisation aims to improve its effectiveness and efficiency using a continuous improvement approach. Additionally, factors that increase efficiency such as waste and cost reduction, process improvements, staff training and engagement and organisational direction are also described within the documentation.

What are the benefits of a Quality Management System?

When your customer is satisfied, or even has his or her expectations exceeded, then confidence is promoted towards your organisation. This in turn leads to repeat sales, more customers, increased market share and turnover, and – providing your organisation is operating efficiently, – increased profit margins. During the process of creating the QMS, clarity is obtained as to the overall objectives of your organisation, which can help you to identify new business opportunities.

Additionally, a QMS ensures that organisational requirements are met through good governance and reduction of risk, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your organisation.

What is ISO9001?

ISO9001 is a published internationally recognised quality management standard which provides a comprehensive framework that an organisation can use in order to create its own bespoke QMS and achieve consistent results.  The standard is available from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Many organisations seek validation of their QMS system by achieving ISO9001 certification.

Once you are satisfied that your organisation is working efficiently within the guidelines set by the standard, you may seek to achieve certification – although please note this is not a requirement of using the standard. In order to achieve certification, an approved, impartial auditing body makes an assessment of your QMS, comparing it against the standard. If your QMS is deemed to meet the requirements set out in the standard, then certification is provided.Certification not only provides assurance to your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders but is

Certification not only provides assurance to your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders but is often a stated requirement in some supplier/vendor relationships such as with governments or public bodies. Certification can also provide your organisation with a powerful marketing tool, improve brand image and help you to attract new customers.

How can Snowstar Consulting help my organisation achieve certification?

Snowstar Consulting is an Associate Consultant (Number 068) of the British Assessment Bureau. We understand the requirements of the standard and we know what the independent assessors are looking for during an audit, so we can help your organisation ensure that everything is in place prior to external audit and aid achievement of ISO9001 certification.

Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 115 928 6273 or complete the contact form and let us know how we can help you.

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