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What are the advantages of hiring an external management consultant?

Senior management are often very busy, habitualised and close to their organisation which can cause a kind of ‘blindness’ preventing them from recognising organisational weaknesses or issues. The key benefit of employing a consultant therefore is that they can act as an objective, independent and unbiased fresh pair of eyes. Because the consultant is free from political bias, habit and ‘group think,’ they can often make suggestions that had not previously been recognised or considered by the organisation. Additionally within a family held business they can act as a neutral go-between and help to enhance harmony and co-operation within the business. Other benefits include;

  • Being able to completely focus on projects – unlike employees the consultant can purely focus on the task at hand
  • Bring in a fresh approach and solutions
  • Time the time to be creative and plan – many organisations consider exciting new projects but never get round to putting them into action.
  • Act as a sounding board for the organisation and challenge thinking
  • Looking at the bigger picture
  • Provide custom solutions
  • Help to define strategy/direction
  • Help improve performance and efficiencies
  • Challenge organisations to think ‘outside of the box.’
  • Help out with or take on short term projects

Additional Services

In addition to our leadership development, strategic development and execution and CSR services we can also assist you with the following:-

Competitor Analysis

Snowstar Consulting’s competitor analysis includes a SWOT analysis for both your organisation and your competitors to determine relative strengths and weaknesses. This is beneficial to your organisation as it helps reduce weakness and improve strengths as well as identify gaps and opportunities that can provide your organisation with competitive advantage. We compare your organisation with four others, two of your closest competitors, the market leader and a newer, more agile and innovative competitor.

Five Forces Analysis

Although this model was developed in the 1980’s, it can still prove beneficial to organisations to consider the competitive forces in the industry and marketplace in which they operate. A Five Forces analysis analyses the forces that affect an organisations ability to survive, to make a profit, and to service its customers effectively. In addition it considers the powers and threats of buyers and suppliers and importantly, considers the threats of substitute products or services. Finally, it ascertains the ease of which new entrants can gain access to the market.  A Five Forces Analysis can help your organisation by,

  • Helping to determine the attractiveness of an industry
  • Helping to clarify the decision as to whether or not to enter a certain market or segment
  • Serving to improve competitive position
  • Helping an organisation to understand its competitive position
  • Reducing weaknesses and mitigate risks
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Assessing competitors potential moves
  • Helping to define strategy

Business Development Reports

As a complement to a competitors analysis, Snowstar Consulting can provide your organisation with a development plan which provides suggestions for consideration on how your organisation can,

  • improve,
  • become more efficient,
  • compete more effectively,
  • increase market share,
  • diversify,
  • expand its product offering
  • improve its culture,
  • enhance customer services,
  • enhance organisational reputation
  • improve performance.

If we can help your organisation by providing any of the above services, or alternatively if you have any other type project that you would like to discuss, or if you simply have a query, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

We are happy to assist any size of organisation, from start up to a multinational, in the private, public or third sector. We are based in the UK but work worldwide.

Business Start-Up Assistance

Snowstar Consulting understands that setting up a business can be a daunting task. Perhaps you have a great business idea but don’t know where to get started? Or maybe you are a creative person and feel overwhelmed at the idea of turning your products or services into a business.

Snowstar Consulting’s Business Start Up service can help you as much or as little as required. We can either help to support you through the process, take on a particular project, take everything off your hands and organise everything for you or simply act as mentor and support. Whatever suits your and your business needs best! We can also provide coaching services to help you develop the confidence you need to develop a thriving business.

We offer the following services:

Flexible Charging

We recognise that many organisations fear employing management consultancies on a per day basis as costs can spiral out of control. Therefore, we only charge day rates when we actually visit your organisation, or if we do work that only takes a day! In order to provide peace of mind, for projects, analyses or reports that take a longer period of time, we are happy to work on a mutually agreed flat fee basis and in all instances we aim to help you within your budget. Please note that travel and any necessary accommodation costs are charged in addition to day rates or flat fees.

If Snowstar Consulting can assist you to set up and develop a thriving business of your own, then please call us on +44 (0) 115 928 6273 or fill in the form on the contact page and let us know how we can help you.

The Right Claim

I recently approached Dawn to assist and advise me on setting up a non-profit organisation. Dawn took the time to illicit exactly what the intent was behind my venture and resources needed. Having done so Dawn identified aspects of the venture I hadn’t even considered, including the opportunity to ethically monetise the training and certification of my concept. She was also able to instantly visualise and communicate to me a strategy to deliver my idea.

I would have no hesitation in working with Dawn and recommending her to those that need support & even direction with their business.

Joel Zimmelstern, The Right Claim
LBD Global

LBS undertook an analysis of its position in the marketplace to help reduce risk and seasonality and achieve long-term sustainability. We engaged Snowstar and thus Dawn Paul to do a competitor analysis and business development report for us so that our organisation could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. Dawn’s A++ research challenged our thinking and helped us see certain things from a different perspective. From a 3rd party point of view, Dawn was able to say things as she saw them without the interference of company politics. The value in such analysis prevents any cognitive bias but also informs decision-making that is factually based.

Dawn was incredibly easy to work with. She provided a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the marketplace and our place within it and also suggested many ideas for improvement to help us to achieve our goals. We continue to work with Snowstar Consulting, and Dawn.

We can wholeheartedly recommend her services and are excited about putting her ideas into practice.

Jonathan Plant, General Manager, LBS Global