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What is the purpose of leadership development?

Effective, authentic leaders are critical to the successful attainment of organisational goals and objectives. Yet the pressures and expectations on leaders today have never been greater. Leaders, like everyone else, have strengths and weaknesses, conditioned behaviours and hopes, dreams and fears and have been shaped by their life experiences. However, unlike everyone else, leaders often enjoy significant levels of power and while of course that power brings certain benefits, it can often result in less support, purpose and personal connection hence the saying, ‘It’s lonely at the top.’ However, sometimes the very behaviours that enabled the leader reach the top of the organisational ladder can become a detriment as situations evolve or markets change. Additionally, the extreme pressure and stress of the leadership role can trigger unresolved issues to rise to the surface, leading to unhelpful behaviour within the organisation. For example, a leader may have trouble delegating work to subordinates because, as a result of a past negative experience, he or she suffers from control issues. Simply exhorting the benefits of delegation – as found in most standard leadership development programmes – is therefore unlikely to resolve the leaders control issues over the longer term.

Leadership Development with Snowstar Consulting

Snowstar Consulting has been helping to create exceptional leaders worldwide since 2005.

Many leadership development programmes operate on a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all basis, providing executives with a handful of theories and standards that may create some change for a week or two but are unlikely to effect lasting long-term behavioural change and personal benefit.

The Snowstar Consulting Leadership Development Programme does not follow such a model. Instead, it works at a deep level with the individual to address root cause, adjust underlying mind-sets, shift vantage points, improve confidence, self worth and self esteem and most importantly, assist the leader to find purpose, renewed inner strength and a set of strong core values.  These factors in turn enable the leader to become more engaged, more effective, powerful, passionate and authentic. Not to mention happier, more open, flexible and approachable, more able to deal with stress and more resilient. Such a leader is likely to inspire motivation and trust and engender respect from employees. Taken together these factors can only serve to improve the organisation’s bottom line and assist in meeting organisational goals and objectives, while protecting reputational capital and reducing the risk of executive derailment.

The Snowstar Consulting Leadership Development Programme is created bespoke for each individual leader based on personal and organisational needs and largely takes place off-site. All personal information is treated as highly confidential and is not passed on to the organisation. Regular support can also be provided.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you or your organisation.

Dawn’s invaluable expertise has helped me gain the clarity to understand who I am and to change and heal the detrimental core beliefs that once paralyzed me in my life and work. Her sensitive guidance has provided me the fundamental skills and strength to transform those negative blocks into fulfilling my true inner passion in a concrete and tangible way that I use every day in my business. Without her knowledge and strategies, I would still be imagining the life of my dreams versus actually living and leading a content life that I was meant to fulfill.My transformation could not have happened is she wasn’t there to show me

My transformation could not have happened is she wasn’t there to show me truth from fiction.

Ines Eisses, Executive Producer, New Indigo Ventures