Snowstar Consulting works with leaders and business owners worldwide largely over the telephone. Over the years this method is proven to have the most successful results. Video conferencing can be used if required. Our work is on a strictly 1-1 basis as we like to focus on the needs of each individual and our services are tailored specifically to them.

We can provide our services to leaders directly or via their organisation.

Sessions normally take place monthly. This is because time needs to be taken for the work to integrate and for the leader to practice moving forward in the new way. Sessions are booked in blocks of six as it takes about six months for the leader to integrate the work and put it into practice, but it is possible to book further blocks if needed or wanted.

Full payment and the return of a completed client form secures an appointment. Payment is required five days before the date of the appointment, because this is when the work actually starts.

Missed appointments cannot be carried forward or refunded.

We work worldwide and are in very high demand, sometimes there can be a wait until appointments can commence.

Please note that Snowstar Consulting is happy to work with leaders via their organisation. However, please note that if an organisation funds the leadership development sessions, details of the sessions will remain entirely confidential between the leader and Dawn Paul. This is essential otherwise the leader will not open up fully to transforming. However, it is normal for improvements to be felt and observed after only one or two sessions and the organisation should soon reap the benefits of their investment in their leader!

It is essential that the leader is relaxed before the session and that they will not be disturbed during the session, so a suitable room may need to be put aside or arrangements made to allow sessions from home or another suitable location. This work is much deeper than coaching and requires the leader to be fully relaxed and at ease.

If absolutely necessary, we have the ability to work on leaders without any information other than name and without any contact with the leader, however we must have their permission to do this. We can provide voice notes to the leader advising of what we found and what we did. However, we feel more benefit can be found if the leader engages in a 1-1 session.

We can also assist leaders suffering from critical illnesses or stress related conditions.