Dawn Paul, MBA

about Dawn Paul

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that all human beings have a ‘desire to become everything one is capable of being.’ But fear, triggered by our past experiences and beliefs, often prevent us from going on our inner journey and finding fulfilment in life. Many people end up going through life asleep, instead of thriving and growing. Even if we appear successful on the outside, if we are not growing and developing we can be depressed and anxious on the inside.

I have worked worldwide assisting many, many thousands of people to reach their fullest personal and professional potential since 2004. Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated by the workings of the human mind and finding out what stops people from being all that they can be. This desire sparked the beginning of a lifetime’s search and from my teens onwards I committed myself to learning about the human mind and to finding the very best healing modality on the planet. Over those years, having faced significant loss and health issues myself, I strove to develop spiritually and learn as much as I could about personal and spiritual development – as the two go hand in hand. After all, we are spirit/souls residing in a human body and one aspect of us cannot develop without attending to the other.  This very long search was extremely frustrating and painful and took twenty-five long years during which I failed to find the perfect healing modality but achieved success in the corporate world.

After all those years of reading, studying, meditating, searching and coming up short, I gave up and considered committing to corporate life forever. But even though I loved working with my colleagues, I was deeply unhappy because I knew deep down that I could really help people on a very deep level. I just didn’t the best way to do it. Frustrated and exhausted I went on holiday to Peru. That holiday changed my whole life.

While visiting Machu Picchu I was blessed to receive a vision that changed my life. These visions are known as ‘Estrellas,’ and are one of the ways a person is called to become a shaman. The vision was extremely powerful, and I knew I had waited my entire life for it. (I was 39 at the time. At last I had found it, the best and also oldest healing modality on the planet, (dated at somewhere between 30,000 to 100,000 years old). It might have taken twenty-five years, but it was well worth the wait, and I’d learnt a huge amount about the mind, body and energy mastery in the meantime.

about Dawn Paul

After being initiated as a shaman, I trained with Alberto Villoldo PhD and many other shaman in the USA, the UK, and in South America I learnt from the Q’ero of the High Andes and also the shaman of the Amazon jungle.

It’s now nearly two decades since I received my initiation. Since then, I have helped clients three times a day, every day and I still believe shamanic healing is the very best healing modality that there is. And trust me, I looked at everything else! It gives us about 85% of what we need to achieve healing and wholeness – from working on the unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels of the mind, to their energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical aspects of a person. Shamanic healing is to my mind the only system of healing that not only heals on all levels of a person’s being, but also returns the person to wholeness via processes such as power and soul retrieval.  I then just needed to fill in that missing 15% – because nothing in this world is perfect, after all. Over the years I have studied many other healing techniques to compliment shamanic healing techniques such as Inner Child work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Coaching, Reiki, Cranial Sacral healing, Quantum Touch healing, Remote Healing, Theta Healing, DNA Healing, Energy Exchange and Past Life and Ancestral Healing – which in my opinion covers every healing need a person has.  Hence, I am able to work on all aspects of a person’s being, not just the mental level as is common with coaching and traditional talking therapies.

Additionally, as an Altomesayok, I am able to carry out this work remotely over the telephone or video calls, and I can even do the work without any contact with the client at all or any knowledge of them or their issues. Contrary to belief, there is nothing scary about shamanic healing, we all know it, it is so old it’s in our DNA.

about Dawn Paul

But if all that sounds a little woo-woo to you, don’t worry! You don’t have to know anything about shamanic healing or even believe in it in order for it to work. Most of my clients are just focused on being better and living to their fullest potential – they are not interested in the how’s and why’s – they just know it works.

And to reassure you that I live in the real world, I also hold a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Nottingham Business School, I am a Fellow of Nottingham Trent University, a Member of the Society of Authors and I am Co-Creator of Quandrum Joyful Living Community.

Before working in the professional development field, I was a Senior Consultant with HSBC Actuaries and Consultants working in corporate finance. I was a Member of the Society of Financial Advisers (MSFA) of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Following completion of my MBA I also worked for one of the largest law firms in the world. So I know what it’s like first-hand to deal with the significant – and often unrelenting pressure – of corporate and professional life.

Over the years I have assisted countless C-Suite Executives, the Senior Partners in world-leading financial, law and accounting firms, Royalty, Oscar-nominated Hollywood actors, world-class athletes, mental health professionals, doctors, leadership development consultants, leading academics and entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential both professionally and personally. My clients not only enjoy enhanced levels of professional performance and success, but also greater levels of confidence, self-esteem, self-knowledge, authenticity, purpose and passion for life.

I am passionate about leadership development – enabling leaders and thereby organisations, to achieve their fullest potential in a way that respects and benefits all stakeholders, including the planet. I set up Snowstar Consulting in 2015 to further this passion and create new leaders for the new world of business. I am a visionary, highly creative and people orientated person. I inspire trust and I am well known for my friendly and supportive approach.

Are you ready to become all that you can be? To become the best leader you can be, the best and happiest person you can be? Or do the leaders in your organisation need my help? Then please get in touch by clicking here and let’s get started.