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Snowstar Consulting helps and encourages leaders to achieve greater levels of fulfilment and success in both their professional and personal lives. We utilise an array of development tools both ancient and modern to remove blocks and self-sabotaging behaviours which hinder success and assist leaders to achieve not only professional but also personal fulfilment. In SnowStar, we focus on creating feelings of internal wholeness which creates not only lasting internal and external change but also intrinsic and natural soft skills.

Our goal is to create enlightened business leaders by unlocking their inherent and highest potential – and this can only be a good thing for business as we venture into the new world. When we transform leaders, we transform business, for the benefit of all including the planet.


If an organisations most valuable asset is its people, then it stands to reason that those people need to be whole, empowered, agile, happy, creative, balanced and fulfilled in order for the organisation to be successful, highly profitable and most of all, sustainable. When leaders are radiant, the business becomes radiant and success swiftly follows.

We specialise in providing leadership development for senior partners in the legal, accounting and financial fields but also work with C-Suite Executives and business owners in any field. We are experts in resolving executive derailment and in helping leaders improve or develop soft skills and business relationships. We can also help leaders suffering with the symptoms of anxiety and stress-related conditions.

We are happy to work either through an organisation or on a direct basis.

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